Some Added Felting Classes for Fall 2012

September 19, 2012

Sat Oct 13  10 to 5

How to Make Really Great Felt – Every Trick I Know

We will cover 5 ways to make felt , 4 hardening methods , the tricks for nuno felt and raising a vessel and how to use resists . A great class for beginning felters and long time felters who want to get fast . We will make a scarf in 30 minutes and a bowl .


Sun. Oct 14 10 to 5

Advanced Dye Class Lapidary Dyeing

How to pour and layer thin layers and veils of color on felt . Previous dye classes at Deep Color required.


Sat Dec 8 10 to 5

Texture In Felting

We will make ridges , fringe , slits , layers and bobbles in felt and nuno felt using resists and manipulation. The project can be vessels , bags , hats or scarves .


Sat Jan 12 2013  A Fine pair Of Felt Boots 90.00

Sat Feb 9 Valentine Felted Hearts  90.00


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