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February 27, 2013

Opera Wrap 3 by Claudia Hoffberg 60x24inSat April  6    Things to do With Fabric and Felt   10 – 5    100.oo

Wool and felting can bond with fabric to make amazing textures , fabrics , garments and art. We will experiment with hand dyed silk, gauze , devore fabrics , pleating , ruffling and gridding to make scarves , wraps and bags.  No experience necessary .


Sat May 11     Finding Your Imagery as An Artist   10 to 5  100.00

How to you figure out what you want to say as an artist ?  What inspires you-what do your eyes want to see ?  In this class we will discuss pattern,  your personal iconography , using a scrapbook and a personal notebook, getting inspiration from nature,  photography and other artists .  And we will make some felt !


Sat July 20  More Big Felt , Felt Rugs , Wall Pieces and Installations   10-5    100.00

It’s possible to make very big , thick pieces of felt pretty quickly if you know some good felting tricks. We will discuss using sanders, rolling around PVC pipe, throwing felt and using washing machines. We will also talk about color, imagery and the joy of having a lot of felt rugs. And we will make some big felt.

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