June, July , Aug Felting Classes revised

May 25, 2013

Blue colusa tree

Here are the new true dates for Summer Felting Classes. These replace all earlier class dates.

Sat June 15 Vessels and #-d Felting.  10 – 5  New Date !

Once you get felt really hard you can form lot like clay .We will layer several colors of wool , tie it all up , felt it , cut it all open, pinch , twist and bubble the surface and shape it. We will be making containers and sculptural forms. All levels welcome.  100.00

Sat July 27  Really Big Felting  10 – 5

Learn how to felt big to make felt rugs and wall pieces. We will make grids , talk about extremely big batts and how to handle lots of wool . I’ll show a range of felting methods , rolling, kneading and a do it yourself bucket washing machine. You will make a big felted item amazingly quickly.  All levels welcome.  100.

Sat Aug 24  Blue  10- 5

This class will explore using blue in your felt as an accent and a focus , how to use indigo dye on your felt and how to express more feeling in your color work. In case you are feeling blue. Yes , we will have an indigo pot for you to try. All levels.  100.00

E-mail me at c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com to register.

colusa tree


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