Felted Vessels

June 22, 2013


Felt vessels by felting students Betsy Graham and Liz Serrano        Sat July 15 2013

These  vessels were made by first making the base. This was done by  drafting  the wool roving around in a circle. We  then made a 3 layer pre felt , each layer a different color. We tied little blobs into the prefelt with string , layed it on the base and felted it all together. The piece was felted very hard , rinsed out and stretched over a mason jar. Pulled and patted for about 15 minutes to set the shape into the felt. Then a small cup was place in the bottom of the vessel and a smaller foot was shaped in. Then we cut the blobs open to show the fresh colors of the 3 layers underneath.

If this sounds a little mysterious I’ll show you in a felting class!

The key part for me was overcoming my reluctance to photograph the student work at the end of the class. I always have wanted to but get too tired.  How to overcome resistance- empty my mind, feel my breathing , have some tea and chocolate – do !



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