Very Very Big Felting – Yarnbombing/Feltbombing The Mendocino Art Center

July 8, 2013

IMG_1210This is a very big piece of felt-the total height of this is 25 ft. It is part of a commissioned installation that I put up at The Mendocino Art Center July 3 2013. The piece was made in 3 panels and was sewn onto the tree in stages . Each panel was 67 inches wide and about 5 ft tall. I wanted the colors to be very clear and bold and gain in confidence as the piece rose.

IMG_0883I didn’t know exactly how to get the felt up 25 ft. I had a 20 ft ladder that was sort of broken. I really didn’t want to fall off that ladder. I thought about it all night and decided I should tie the ladder to the tree. I wondered if The Mendocino Art Center had some rope and then I wondered if I had some rope and then I realized I probably had some cam straps in my car from my kayaking days. That actually worked really well although i still had to stand on the very top rung where it says ” Do not stand here ” I put one arm around the tree and sewed the felt up with one hand.

IMG_0878I wanted to make something that couldn’t be overlooked , something really confident. I think handmade felt is  the only material that would have worked for this . It’s like a painting wrapped around a tree.


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