It’s Fall – You Should Felt

August 29, 2013


Fall in the Bay Area has a calming golden light, balmy weather and fresh sweet apples. It makes you want to make felt doesn’t it?

We had the ” Blue Felt ” class this weekend and I taught 3 things ;

1. If you are struggling with the color and imagery in your felt start adding blue, preferably a deep pure blue. Blue is the most restful and settling color, as you add more blue the piece will become more beautiful.

2. If all else fails you can save any felting disaster  by dyeing it in an indigo pot, everything looks good dyed indigo blue.

3. When you dip felt into indigo pot – first presoak it plain warm water. On your first dip go for 10 seconds , then 30 seconds to 1 minute for the next dips. Wait half an hour to an hour between dips. Let the piece dry completely. Wait at least a week before you wash out the indigo. The longer you wait the better  . Wash using lots of hot water and soap and finish with a bit of vinegar in the water.

I learned something new this weekend too. I went to Dharma to buy new Theoria Dioxide to reduce the indigo pot. The thiox we had been using was very old , maybe 10 years old and yellow. Well – this new fresh thiox was amazing , it reduced the pot searing yellow and the indigo really bit . This will be much better – who knew ?


So now is a good time to sign up for fall felting classes – on Sat Sept14 we will be doing “Felt Things to Wear ” which will cover yardage , wraps and simple vests with nuno felting. You will get something fine to wear for sure.

In Oct you can felt for one day or a whole weekend Sat Oct 12 is  “Color and Felting in Felt ” ” and Sunday is ” The Great Fundamentals of Felting “. I have had a request for needle felting in that class. You can sign up for 3 classes and save 30.00 bucks . Or 100 a piece. Classes need to be paid in advance and are non transferable. There is a 2 week cancellation policy.

I’ve been told there is a problem with the e-mail address c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com. In emergency try




One comment

  1. Hi Claudia,   Wonderful to see all the gorgeous, outstanding things coming out of your studio!  It’s inspiring to connect with that and a change from all the salmon-based art.  I haven’t yet made a salmon -tribute piece and when I do it will be a sign that I really shouldn’t try to live anywhere outside of Alaska.   I’ve done only three things, all on silk.  One I really love and the other two I’ve learned from.  However, I have an exciting idea that I can’t wait to work on.  If you had doubts about all my pre-felting projects, you will jump off the end of the pier with this new idea, which will take one lifetime.  However, it’s entirely possible it can’t be done at all, so maybe I can avoid being the example of the student who never learns despite having an excellent teacher. After I get back from the Jersey Shore in mid-September, I’m going to see if I can do what I have in mind, then if I can I’ll tell you about it and get your advice.  I am much in need of that.    Actually, is the class you’re giving on October 12th on “Color and Drawing in Felt”?  If it’s on drawing in felt, including drafting, I’d like to sign up please. Also, although I won’t be back for the Sept. 7 – 8 class, I’m still on for Mendocino.  Is anyone else able to go?  I’d love to find out where they’re staying so I can make reservations.  I’m also coming to the October 5 – 6 class and the November 2 – 3.   I’m so grateful for your words to me about why I was always sick, about suppressing all the things I really want to do until my immune system rebelled entirely.  Now I’m making every day count except for the times I read crime novels.  I’m very healthy and happy. I’m a different person.  Thank you!   I’ll be happy to see you again.   Your loving student,   Carol   PS —- I won the crafts blue ribbon at the Sitka State Fair again!        

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