Felting into Silk , Mendocino

October 9, 2013

CH-CarolCarol Field felting at The Mendocino Art Center Sept 20 2013.

A few weeks ago I loaded up my entire felting studio into my 20 year old Isuzu trooper and drove it up to The Mendocino Art Center to teach a Wool, Felt And Silk class. It was a lot of packing, thin plastic , ridged plastic, buckets, rollers, rainbow wool and silk, sponges… ” Whose silly idea was this ?” I kept muttering. And of course it was mine.

Mendocino Ca is sublimely beautiful , a weirdly New Englandy looking town on the bluffs of The Pacific ocean right where the  Big River flows into the sea.  The Good Life Cafe has great kale salad The felting studio was very nice although it has no felting equipment hence all the hauling. I had a class of 5 people, 2 of them over 80 , which provided new challenges.  There seems to be an unending interest in felting into silk fabric and making wraps , scarves and clothes. Felting is an amazing transformation of bits of colored dry wool into shimmering fabrics . It was funny , I would get into my teaching mind and forget I was in Mendocino. Then I would walk outside and see the uplifting sky and glowing green trees and the white oceany light and I would marvel.

Here are some more pictures of felting.

You can come and felt into fabric yourself this Sunday Oct 13 right here in my studio if you in the Bay Area.

CH5CH-Carol4CH-Cloud4All these lovely pictures were taken by the Textile Artist in Residence at The Mendocino Art Center  Mickey McCormac.

the next felting classes at DeepColor Studio are

Sunday Oct 13 Fundamentals Of Nuno felting

Sat Nov 9 Felted Things To Wear

Sat Dec 14 Experimental Felting 3-d Shibori



  1. Hi Claudia, Thanks for the shout-out. It would only have been right to photograph and take credit for the silk, all by itself. I keep think of the 84 year-old, whose name I’ve forgotten (Alice?), intending to cut up that incredibly beautiful scarf you dyed. That was the best use of yoursilk yet. It was stunning. That would be a great picture on your blog. Stopped by your studio this afternoon and left the roller and check on the felting table. For the record, it’s “Carol Field”. Good wishes! Carol


  2. I live in southern California and am very interested in learning traditional and nunofelting. I have a few questions: 1. Do you have a class coming up that would fit my interests and experience with felting (very little)? 2. Do you have more information about the specifics of upcoming classes (like the Nov 9th class), including required skill level? 3. I will not be available in October (vacation) but would love a basic felting class some time after that – do you teach such a class and if yes, when would the next one be? 4. Do you know of anyone in my general area from whom I could also take classes? Your studio and classes sound wonderful. I hope I get to take some of your classes.

    On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 3:07 PM, deepcolorfelt

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