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Felting Into Fabric Sat. April 5

February 20, 2014

IMG_9319nFelt bag , nuno felting, sewing

So the next felting class is Sat April  5 and it’s about felting fabric into wool , an  endlessly entertaining subject. The questions people always ask me about my felting classes are these:

1. Are the classes suitable for beginners ?

Yes , absolutely, they are designed to start at the beginning. having said that they are also suitable if you have been felting for a while , they always have a lot of new information on color, design and felting methods.

2. How much are they ? What are the hours ?

The classes are 100.00 and are from 10 to 5. The cost includes some wool for the samples.

3.Where are you located ?

Deep Color is at 450 Colusa Ave in Kensington, Ca, { next to Berkeley } between Oceanveiw and Visalia.

4. What do I need to bring ?

I always send a list of what to bring but basically it always includes a pen, notebook,large towel, cellulose sponge, warm clothes, scissors and a potluck lunch item. I have more wool here than you can imagine for you to use and buy..

5. I’m interested in felting but I want to learn some other felting topic than the class. For instance vessel making rather than nuno felting and so forth.

Every felting class I teach covers the technical aspects of  how to make good solid eternal felt and that knowledge will help you felt anything. I do stay on topic in class though so that we don’t disintegrate into mayhem.

After you have taken a class if you wan tot set up your own felting studio I can tell you what to get. For the classes I supply the thin plastic, the ridged shelf liner plastic and the soap gel.

To sign up for a class e-mail me at I hold you a spot after I receive the check.

So the April class still has space but is filling up so contemplate felting soon !