Last One Day Felting Class Experimental 3-D Felting

November 13, 2013

Liz Vessel blackAnother cool vessel from Liz Serrano.

Sat Dec 14 is Experimental 3-d Felting class and we will be making vessels and tying up our felt into some high texture dimensional Shibori Sculpture. This class is open to Beginner and Intermediate felters. The class is from 10 to 5 and cost 100. The class must be prepaid one week before the date.

This will be the last one day felting class open to beginners for a while so if you have been wanting to learn to felt this is your time ! In 2014 I will be changing to a 3 class 3 month format so that we can work on longer projects, do assignments and include dyeing. These next classes will not be  beginning felting but will be about finding your own style with felting. You must have had a class at deep color to attend.

If you are interested in this last one day class please write me at c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com


Felt vessels

October 20, 2013

IMG_1633A beautiful Nuno felted Vessel by Liz Serrano. Sunday Oct 13 2013.

I’ve never put fabric into a vessel before. Liz put in some black and white silk she painted in a Procion dye class we did years ago. The painted fabric makes beautiful marks .

I will be teaching how to make vessels Sat Nov. 9 , both my coiling method and the traditional method using a resist. I ‘ve been having an avalanche of people signing up and not prepaying and then canceling at the last minute. I think I need to set up a PayPal account to make it easier for everyone. Stay tuned. In the mean time if you want to make vessels e-mail me at c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com


Felting into Silk , Mendocino

October 9, 2013

CH-CarolCarol Field felting at The Mendocino Art Center Sept 20 2013.

A few weeks ago I loaded up my entire felting studio into my 20 year old Isuzu trooper and drove it up to The Mendocino Art Center to teach a Wool, Felt And Silk class. It was a lot of packing, thin plastic , ridged plastic, buckets, rollers, rainbow wool and silk, sponges… ” Whose silly idea was this ?” I kept muttering. And of course it was mine.

Mendocino Ca is sublimely beautiful , a weirdly New Englandy looking town on the bluffs of The Pacific ocean right where the  Big River flows into the sea.  The Good Life Cafe has great kale salad The felting studio was very nice although it has no felting equipment hence all the hauling. I had a class of 5 people, 2 of them over 80 , which provided new challenges.  There seems to be an unending interest in felting into silk fabric and making wraps , scarves and clothes. Felting is an amazing transformation of bits of colored dry wool into shimmering fabrics . It was funny , I would get into my teaching mind and forget I was in Mendocino. Then I would walk outside and see the uplifting sky and glowing green trees and the white oceany light and I would marvel.

Here are some more pictures of felting.

You can come and felt into fabric yourself this Sunday Oct 13 right here in my studio if you in the Bay Area.

CH5CH-Carol4CH-Cloud4All these lovely pictures were taken by the Textile Artist in Residence at The Mendocino Art Center  Mickey McCormac.

the next felting classes at DeepColor Studio are

Sunday Oct 13 Fundamentals Of Nuno felting

Sat Nov 9 Felted Things To Wear

Sat Dec 14 Experimental Felting 3-d Shibori


It’s Fall – You Should Felt

August 29, 2013


Fall in the Bay Area has a calming golden light, balmy weather and fresh sweet apples. It makes you want to make felt doesn’t it?

We had the ” Blue Felt ” class this weekend and I taught 3 things ;

1. If you are struggling with the color and imagery in your felt start adding blue, preferably a deep pure blue. Blue is the most restful and settling color, as you add more blue the piece will become more beautiful.

2. If all else fails you can save any felting disaster  by dyeing it in an indigo pot, everything looks good dyed indigo blue.

3. When you dip felt into indigo pot – first presoak it plain warm water. On your first dip go for 10 seconds , then 30 seconds to 1 minute for the next dips. Wait half an hour to an hour between dips. Let the piece dry completely. Wait at least a week before you wash out the indigo. The longer you wait the better  . Wash using lots of hot water and soap and finish with a bit of vinegar in the water.

I learned something new this weekend too. I went to Dharma to buy new Theoria Dioxide to reduce the indigo pot. The thiox we had been using was very old , maybe 10 years old and yellow. Well – this new fresh thiox was amazing , it reduced the pot searing yellow and the indigo really bit . This will be much better – who knew ?


So now is a good time to sign up for fall felting classes – on Sat Sept14 we will be doing “Felt Things to Wear ” which will cover yardage , wraps and simple vests with nuno felting. You will get something fine to wear for sure.

In Oct you can felt for one day or a whole weekend Sat Oct 12 is  “Color and Felting in Felt ” ” and Sunday is ” The Great Fundamentals of Felting “. I have had a request for needle felting in that class. You can sign up for 3 classes and save 30.00 bucks . Or 100 a piece. Classes need to be paid in advance and are non transferable. There is a 2 week cancellation policy.

I’ve been told there is a problem with the e-mail address c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com. In emergency try




Big Felting

August 21, 2013

Nancy's feltThis is a very large felt piece  was made in my” Big Felting ” advanced class and is by my student  Nancy Rodriguez Bell. The patches were made by weaving  together multicolor roving. It looks like light is streaking behind it. I really like the light blacks and the dark blacks together.

The trick for the large felt is churning the felt in a hot bucket of soap and water by hand.

Brendas FeltThis large felt is by Brenda Loreman , you can see her feet here. All this felt is built out on a grid first.

I think these felts will be used as blankets -they are very light and warm. It’s tiring to move so much wet felt around but once you felt big – you will want to keep working big.

As they say about art ” Make it big or make it red !”


Fall and Winter Felting Classes at Deep Color Studio

July 23, 2013

blue feltSat Aug 24  ” Blue Felt ”  10 to 5  100.oo

In this class we will look at ” Blue ” in many ways,how to use blue as a primary , a focus point, a mood , a theme and how to dye you felt blue. We will have an indigo pot for you to try if you like.

Sat Sept 14  Felt Things To Wear  10 to 5  100.00

It’s wonderful to be able to make felt wraps , scarves, vests and tops to wear. We will work with nuno felting into silk, felting on a grid, how to figure shrinkage and fit and we will make something fancy to wear. Some felting experience required.

IMG_0883nSat Oct 12  Color And Drawing in Felt  10 to 5   100.00

The full rich color of felt makes it a terrific medium for drawing and felting.We will work with a number of ways to draft wool to allow you to really draw. We will discuss the 10 rules of color, how to create brilliant contrast and – there will be a little drawing lesson.

Sun Oct 13  The Great Fundamentals of Felting  10 to 5  100.00

There are so many different ways to make felt, rolling, throwing, wacking,kneading, washine washingand needle felting. And there are so many different kinds of felt to make, thick, gauzy, dense, pliable,sculptural, yardage.This class is a survey class and a great intro to felting or to polish your skills.


Sat Nov 9  Felted Things To Use  ; Bags, Cozies, Hats  10 to 5  100.00

It’s best to cover everything you own with a felt bag. This class will focus on making bags with zippers and other closures such as velcro or snaps. We will also cover various methods for making bags and hats , how to fold, swirl and use a resist. Some felting experience necessary.

Sat Dec 14  Experimental Felting 3-d Shibori  10 to 5  100.00

We will create a number of beautiful and organic textures with felt by smocking, bubble tying,slitting,bubble tieing and inverting and spike ties. We will make vessels and sculpture.

IMG_1124vessel by Liz Serrano

all other work by C. Hoffberg

Sign up for 3 classes and get 30.00 off

Deep Color Studio  450 Colusa Ave Kensington, Ca {near Berkeley } Ca 94707

register for classes by e-mailing c.hoffberg@deepcolorstudio.com


Very Very Big Felting – Yarnbombing/Feltbombing The Mendocino Art Center

July 8, 2013

IMG_1210This is a very big piece of felt-the total height of this is 25 ft. It is part of a commissioned installation that I put up at The Mendocino Art Center July 3 2013. The piece was made in 3 panels and was sewn onto the tree in stages . Each panel was 67 inches wide and about 5 ft tall. I wanted the colors to be very clear and bold and gain in confidence as the piece rose.

IMG_0883I didn’t know exactly how to get the felt up 25 ft. I had a 20 ft ladder that was sort of broken. I really didn’t want to fall off that ladder. I thought about it all night and decided I should tie the ladder to the tree. I wondered if The Mendocino Art Center had some rope and then I wondered if I had some rope and then I realized I probably had some cam straps in my car from my kayaking days. That actually worked really well although i still had to stand on the very top rung where it says ” Do not stand here ” I put one arm around the tree and sewed the felt up with one hand.

IMG_0878I wanted to make something that couldn’t be overlooked , something really confident. I think handmade felt is  the only material that would have worked for this . It’s like a painting wrapped around a tree.