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Shining Silk And Handmade Felt , Making Nuno Scarves , Wraps and Vests

March 24, 2016

IMG_0652I’m teaching a felting class at the Mendocino Art Center this April 15 to 17 . I am the fiber artist in residency there this year , it is my favorite place in the world and it has a very fine felting studio.

We will be making white nuno felt and shibori dyeing it, nuno felt my handyed silk, make a 2 pice nuno vest and explore making yardage.

I am very rarely teaching open felt classes any more so this is a rare chance to do lots of nuno felting together Opera Wrap 3 by Claudia Hoffberg 60x24in

Here is a link to the Art Center


Felting The Entire Town of Mendocino and Summer Felting Classes

April 13, 2014

IMG_1248I’ve been meaning to felt the entire town of Mendocino for some time. I gave it a try last summer and wrapped felt around The Moose Cafe { the cafe is sadly gone forever } , Alegria Oceanveiw Inn and The Mendocino Art Center. Then I ran out of steam , or rather time and felt. The Mendocino Art Center was very interested in the idea of wrapping up the whole town so with their encouragement I will be going back this summer and feltbombing 20 businesses in an art installation called ” The Mendocino Crayon Box ” The plan is to wrap the pillars of all the businesses going down Main Street with handmade felt that I make and then dye into saturated colors. Thus turning the town into a crayon box !

It will be up from June 13 to Aug 16.

And you can participate !

IMG_1810Pillars in Mendocino looking naked. Waiting to be covered in felt .

I will be teaching a summer felting class in Mendocino called ” Great Big Felt ” on June 6, 7 and 8 which will be about making very large pieces of felt to be included in this unusual and experimental installation { As far as I know no one has done this before with felt] The class will cover felting big, felting on a grid, how to use color brilliantly and a little dyeing. It is at The Mendocino Art Center and there is more here on their website

Another way you can participate is to send me knitted crocheted or felted flowers to be tied on lattices around town I would need this by June 1. You can contact me about this at

Donate !

And yet another way is to contribute seed money ! I am funding this all myself and I am learning all about the modern ways of self funding. The Mendocino Art Center has set up a page where you can make a tax deductible donation of 25, 60. 120 or 500. That wonderful page is here.

Summer Felting  Classes at Deep Color Studio

If you would like to take a felting class at Deep Color Studio this summer I will be teaching a one day class Sat July 5 on ”  Painting with Felt , Fabric and Wool ” . The class will be 10 to 5 and is 100. We will be covering how to embed fabric into a felt piece, how to make marks with wool, prefelts and how to make a felt wrap. The class must be prepaid to enroll. Contact me at

Hope to see you this summer !




Very Very Big Felting – Yarnbombing/Feltbombing The Mendocino Art Center

July 8, 2013

IMG_1210This is a very big piece of felt-the total height of this is 25 ft. It is part of a commissioned installation that I put up at The Mendocino Art Center July 3 2013. The piece was made in 3 panels and was sewn onto the tree in stages . Each panel was 67 inches wide and about 5 ft tall. I wanted the colors to be very clear and bold and gain in confidence as the piece rose.

IMG_0883I didn’t know exactly how to get the felt up 25 ft. I had a 20 ft ladder that was sort of broken. I really didn’t want to fall off that ladder. I thought about it all night and decided I should tie the ladder to the tree. I wondered if The Mendocino Art Center had some rope and then I wondered if I had some rope and then I realized I probably had some cam straps in my car from my kayaking days. That actually worked really well although i still had to stand on the very top rung where it says ” Do not stand here ” I put one arm around the tree and sewed the felt up with one hand.

IMG_0878I wanted to make something that couldn’t be overlooked , something really confident. I think handmade felt is  the only material that would have worked for this . It’s like a painting wrapped around a tree.


June, July , Aug Felting Classes revised

May 25, 2013

Blue colusa tree

Here are the new true dates for Summer Felting Classes. These replace all earlier class dates.

Sat June 15 Vessels and #-d Felting.  10 – 5  New Date !

Once you get felt really hard you can form lot like clay .We will layer several colors of wool , tie it all up , felt it , cut it all open, pinch , twist and bubble the surface and shape it. We will be making containers and sculptural forms. All levels welcome.  100.00

Sat July 27  Really Big Felting  10 – 5

Learn how to felt big to make felt rugs and wall pieces. We will make grids , talk about extremely big batts and how to handle lots of wool . I’ll show a range of felting methods , rolling, kneading and a do it yourself bucket washing machine. You will make a big felted item amazingly quickly.  All levels welcome.  100.

Sat Aug 24  Blue  10- 5

This class will explore using blue in your felt as an accent and a focus , how to use indigo dye on your felt and how to express more feeling in your color work. In case you are feeling blue. Yes , we will have an indigo pot for you to try. All levels.  100.00

E-mail me at to register.

colusa tree


Felt Classes At Last

August 15, 2012

here , amazingly are the Felting classes for the fall at Deep Color Studio

Sat Sept  8   10 to 5

Hats , Vessels , Sculpture And Texture

We will learn The Special Secret No Resist method for making a raised 3 – d form that can be used to make a hat , vessel or sculpture . Then we will experiment with multiple units , pinching , using molds , twisting and distortion to make surface and texture on your form .   90.00

Sun . Oct 7 10 to 5

Felting Really really BIG – Yardage , Rugs And Felt painting

We will use the famous grid structure and my many tables to work much bigger than you ever worked before ! Some of the work will be in teams of 2 and 4 . We will also discuss color layering , imagery and pattern .   90.00

Sat  Nov 10 10 to 5

Lace Felting And Felting Very Fine , Nuno felting

We will make open lacey felt fabrics , doilies and Gauze felt . We will also explore a number of ways to put holes and negative space into your felt and how to felt actual lace fabric into wool .  90.00

Sat Dec 8 10 to 5  TBA

Enroll by contacting