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Felting The Town Of Mendocino And A Felt Class Sat July 5

June 20, 2014

Making Felt mendocinoI’ve been putting up a very large felted installations in the town of Mendocino. Felt very conveniently turns out to be the most perfect material to make streetart, it can stand up to the weather like nothing else. Think felt yurts and you get the idea. { Should we be making felt yurts ? Maybe so ! } I can work very large and in a painterly way. I have been a visiting  artist at The Mendocino Art Center for this project and the fiber studio is large and light and best of al – it’s not mine ! Less responsibility , that’s what we want.

Black felt dryI’ve been building the large pieces out on the grid , drafting out the color and the adding in circles of felt. My idea is that the circle will be worked up into dimensional dots once the felt is very hard.

Black Bookstore feltThis is that same piece being sewn up outside the Mendocino Book store. It’s like a giant glass bead made of felt. Glass bead are an excellent source of imagery for feltmaking, lots of pattern and dots.

Big PillarsThese are the pillars outside of the store ” Out Of This World ” off  Main Street in Mendocino. For these pieces I had 2 people helping me lay out the work and rolling and felting. This felt like flying to me to be able to work this fast. I suggest you immediately get as assistant or 2 to help you make your felt. Try and find someone who will also bring you cinnamon buns.

Felting Class Sat July Panting with Felt and Fabric  10 to 5 100.00

After your done barbequing on July 4 consider a day of felting ! This class will be about nuno felting into silk, making nuno felt prefelts, over laying fabrics into each other , mixing colored wool and colored silk and how to use these methods in wraps and flat felt paintings. Lots of new material for experienced felters but great for beginners.

To sign up e-mail me at