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Big Felting

August 21, 2013

Nancy's feltThis is a very large felt piece  was made in my” Big Felting ” advanced class and is by my student  Nancy Rodriguez Bell. The patches were made by weaving  together multicolor roving. It looks like light is streaking behind it. I really like the light blacks and the dark blacks together.

The trick for the large felt is churning the felt in a hot bucket of soap and water by hand.

Brendas FeltThis large felt is by Brenda Loreman , you can see her feet here. All this felt is built out on a grid first.

I think these felts will be used as blankets -they are very light and warm. It’s tiring to move so much wet felt around but once you felt big – you will want to keep working big.

As they say about art ” Make it big or make it red !”